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Vira is the first gamified App dedicated to helping people achieve their aspiration

Have you ever experienced the moment of excitement and enthusiasm after a sudden hit of inspiration, or been filled with determination and confidence when setting a goal to accomplish? What happens after? Passion faded, belief lost, and still nothing gets done?

That's the problem Vira's trying to solve.

By reading out your goal or aspiration every day, Vira helps you build up your self-confidence, strengthens your belief, and reminds you of your original intention.

With Vira, you become more confident, positive, determined, and motivated on the way to pursue your goals and dreams.

Remind and Readback

Put your desire or affirmation in Vira.
Repeat it when you are feeling frustrated or hopeless.
Repeat it when you are in need of motivation and encouragement. Repeat it everyday~ and it'll give you the strength to reach your goal.

Nurture your Vira

Nurture and raise your Vira!
As you watch it thrive and flourish gradually, you will also grow closer to what you desire.

My Quotes

One quote a day keeps the bad mood away!
Collect and choose your favorite one. Let the great and success people encourage and motivate you.

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